Back from Vacation!

For the last 10 days, I took a trip to my hometown in Germany.  I’m still jet lagged so I can’t say that I’m fully back yet (it’s a whole 6 hours ahead in my mind), but I have an exciting trip to share with you.


I don’t live in the smallest town, but it’s just small enough to include tractor joyriding as an activity.  This particular beauty is a vintage model from the 60s!  Check out a short clip of my ride on our Instagram by clicking here!

The next step in my adventure was the Aachen Cathedral.  The construction for this cathedral started in the year 800, and didn’t finish for over a thousand years.  There are different pieces of the structure from different eras if you look closely.  There are parts from the Byzantine empire, the medieval era, the Carolingian dynasty, and much more that would take forever to identify and type out.  The interior is as beautiful and layered as the outside.  I felt almost like I was in Italy.  It’s great to find such beauty so close to my home!


Fresh bread is a necessity for any home-comfort experience!  This machine was absolutely amazing.  I pushed one button and in a couple of minutes, I was baked some fresh, delicious bread.  I’m not gonna pretend to know how this works but keep doing what you’re doing, machine.

I love Ikea as a easy, fun (almost) DIY decorating destination.  This Ikea in Germany was special though.  The fountain drinks were all healthy juices instead of sodas, the food was much fancier than hot dogs and hamburgers, and (my child-like favorite) the trash was put onto a conveyor belt instead of into a trash can.  I can’t promise I didn’t watch the conveyor belt for longer than I should have!

A trip to the local aquarium never hurt anyone either.  Little did I know, the aquarium right by my hometown was the home of Paul the Octopus.  If anyone remembers this little guy, he was the one who was predicting the results of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Supposedly, he got them all right.  The inscription next to him even tells of his current resting place… the German Football Museum.  Not bad for an octopus….


It’s always amazing to visit family at home but I’m glad to be back in New York, my other home.  Back to designing and petting Basil..

Someone was glad to see me maybe?
Someone was glad to see me maybe?