The Last Place you Would Think of to Get Affordable, Quality Goods

Generally when we shop for new home goods, we check the obvious sites like Wayfair or Home Depot.  But we’ve recently discovered a treasure trove of hidden gems on an unexpected site: Etsy.  Etsy is sort of a marketplace for handmade goods from independent sellers.  Their stock ranges in everything from gloves to dolls to (as we’ve recently found) light fixtures.  Here are some of the great home products we’ve found on Etsy:


This removable wallpaper would be perfect to brighten any room!  The picture shows it in a minimalist setting, but it’s just subtle enough to blend almost anywhere.

Adhesive removal wallpaper!


These throw pillow covers are highly customizable and made to order.  You can pick the color of the embroidery, the states, and even add some piping.

Connecting States with Hearts Pillows



For a simple and elegant look, we found this tri-striped handmade linen pillow cover.  If you need something to tie your living room together,  these would be perfect.

Colorblock Pillow



Are you looking to tie that “island” feel of your kitchen together?  You can’t get much closer than these short of bringing in actual seashells and rocks (as long as you check for bugs).

Beach Knob Pulls



Speaking of island feels, how about this beautiful teal stone on a gold knob:

Gold knob



One thing we also noticed a lot of on Etsy is 3D printed objects (that we wouldn’t mind in our homes).  We especially liked these two planter designs.  The future is here!

Ruby Hanging Planter




This is more what we expected when we checked on Etsy: some nice handmade art.  The best part about this one is that the artist included herself in the materials.

Beach art



Another wonderful removable wallpaper to consider.  This one ships all the way from Latvia but from the looks of it, it’s completely worth the wait.

Vinyl Wallpaper



And last but not least, here are the light fixtures we promised earlier.  These are made to order and extremely customizable from the cages to the bulbs.  These are great to add the finishing touch once you already know how your room is going to turn out.

Light Fixtures



What do you think of these items?  Do you have any cool finds on Etsy or maybe another site we wouldn’t have thought of using?


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