Thanksgiving Decorations

It’s getting to be that time of year again– enough guests to barely be under the legal fire limit, bumping elbows with the great aunts you only see once a year, and, of course, the huge buffet of food.  Thanksgiving is more than just the food; it’s about family, gratefulness, and bringing everyone closer together (sometimes uncomfortably close).


As important as the food is also the decorations around the food.  Sometimes the table settings and decorations can make or break a happy houseguest.  If you’re feeling low on ideas, here are some great setups we love to give you some inspiration.


I found these great designs at ABC Home.  They have really accessible locations around NYC where you can check out all of their designs.  Some are very simple like the first picture, but there are also more complex designs.


Here’s another great design found on Houzz.  There are a bunch of great ideas posted all around that website.  You can also find us there with this link.  Feel free to contact us if you need help planning for this Thanksgiving or any time of the year!