Tomorrow is Really Thanksgiving

The year is really flying by.  Tomorrow is already thanksgiving and just a month away from the real winter holidays (it feels like winter outside but we’re not quite there yet).  Before we know it, it’ll be New Years and we’ll have to feel time flying by all over again.


The HomeDesignRX is a meat-free zone, but there are still plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.  Beyond some plain or seasoned veggies, here are some great vegan alternatives that look amazing.  Just check out the picture below:


The plate is done perfectly right down to the color palette.  Is anyone else reminded of a nice pumpkin pie?  I hope you are because you can make any pie vegan and healthier with these short tips! Just replace the eggs with bananas or flax seed and water and you’re good to go.

If you weren't reminded of pumpkin pie... here's some pumpkin pie
If you weren’t reminded of pumpkin pie… here’s some pumpkin pie

Last week, I wrote a short blog on how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving but I wanted to give more ideas.  After all, everyone does have their own preference to what looks good and what looks, umm, less good.  Orange is the color of Fall though so it is hard to escape it.  In fact, it’s impossible if you live anywhere near a tree or a plant.  You are in luck if you don’t have a strong preference towards the color though because many more modern designs focus less on the orange as a table cover, and more as a centerpiece through fun Fall decorations like pumpkins.

Fruits and flowers are the most important parts of a modern design.  If you keep your table cover’s color something simple, like white or wood colored, you can add practically any piece to (pumpkin) spice it up.  What are you doing for your Thanksgiving table setting?


Of course our focus is helping you design your home but, more than that, we want to wish you the happiest thanksgiving.  May your (vegan?) turkeys be good and your family be better.  Or at least quiet.