Neolith Tiny House

The tiny house movement – architectural and social movement that advocated living simply in small homes – has been a growing trend around the world in the recent years. This minimalist movement is all about living more responsibly for environmental and financial reasons, in search of simpler life with more time and freedom. But “Tiny Life”, as some like to call it, does not mean sacrificing quality, design or style. With thoughtful, innovative designs you can lead a more economically and environmentally sustainable life in a home that reflects your personal style. This was perfectly on display at this week’s Tiny House show hosted by one of our favorite vendors – HG Stones at their Brooklyn Location.


First of, about our host: we absolutely love HG Stones’ showroom which offers a wide variety of surfacing solutions from their own block yards and production facilities, as well as some of the best quarries and factories around the world. The rows and rows of materials are easily accessible and we can spend hours browsing through them










Beautifully designed Neolith Tiny House on wheels is a fully functional luxury rolling house cladded fully with Neolith. The architectural firm Jeffrey Bruce Baker designed this super cool experiential home that perfectly showcases different applications of Neolith in one structure – flooring, interior and exterior cladding, countertops, kitchen island, shower walls, vanities and fireplace…. The Neolith materials are not only beautiful and lightweight, but also sustainably manufactured: 100% recyclable, natural and resin-free composed of raw materials – clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides.








This luxury tiny house is equipped with all the amenities of a modern home, including a full-size kitchen featuring a large wine fridge (we were sold!) and high end indoor and outdoor appliances from Miele, Sub-Zero Wolf and Toto. And they totally color-coordinated the decor with Felicitas outfit…. or the other way around…?!









It was really fun to “wonder around” the tiny house, to see some of our favorite surface products utilized in a smart, innovative way, to meet new people and see some old friends and to enjoy great hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Thanks HG Stones and Neolith!