Monogram’s Fabulous Designer Summit

For the second year in a row, I was invited to the GE/Monogram Designer Summit in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.  Each year, I am blown away by how wonderful the event is!  This year, the theme was “empathy,” a core value for HomeDesignRX.  Our designs are always meant to empathize and tailor to each client’s needs!


The first event of the summit was scheduled at the historic Louisville Palace Theater.  Guests were treated exquisitely, first to a cocktail hour, then to dinner, and finally to a series of talks. The first speaker was Jane Freiman, the director of Campbell’s Consumer Test Kitchen.  With her, we received a presentation about how to really empathize with customers/clients, and how to use this empathy to better serve our clientele.  The next speaker was Ben Harris, Founder/CEO of DROP, a new “smart” kitchen scale.  His presentation was oriented more towards the use of kitchen appliances and why people do not cook.  These were truly speakers from two different worlds!

The next day was our first full day together, and it was spent at the Speed Art Museum.  There were a variety of fun events held here.  We saw some short movies, attended lectures, and split into groups for some highly creative group exercises.  In these group exercises, we began to build a sense of empathy for one another, going in line with the theme for the designer summit.  Finally, we had a fabulous dinner at the Heritage Horse Farm.  The farm had a spectacular contemporary art collection!

The last event was at the GE Appliance park and the Monogram Experience Center.  The most impressive part was that GE relocated the production of their refrigerators to the US in 2012 to create jobs.  Around 1,000 French door refrigerators are produced each day in Louisville.  We were also shown innovative products, such as the new Monogram Pizza Oven.  There was even a demonstration of the oven, and we were given fresh pizza!  Thank you to Monogram/GE for another great event!


I also wrote a piece for NKBA Manhattan, which you can check out at this link.