It’s Time for Halloween! (Or at least Autumn)

The leaves are withering and turning colors, the dust is being blown off our favorite hoodies, pumpkins are starting to show up in our supermarkets, and nearly every channel on TV is running a marathon of low-rated, budget Halloween films.  ‘Tis the season right before ’tis the season, and whether you’re excited, indifferent, or grumbling over it, it’s time for a change in the trendy.  Aside from trading in the bright summer colors for the darker fall schemes, it’s also time to open up your apartment for the events that come with the season!  Football parties every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, Thanksgiving with all the relatives you barely know, and just a general escape from the eventual freezing temperatures.


Ready for October!

Halloween peeking out from our front porch

Is your home ready for pre-holiday season parties?  Tell us what you do to set up, or if you need some advice, let us know in the comments below!