Decorations for the Holiday Season

The Holiday season can become pretty expensive; gifts for everyone on your list, cooking supplies for the holiday party you invited too many people to, the donations that result from feeling the “holiday cheer.”  The decorating and design parts don’t have to add to the financial burden though.  All you need is the right direction and prodding.


The first step to any successful home design is to select a theme. This can be by color, by style, by pattern, or anything else you can think of.  There are limitless amounts of variations within each theme, so whatever your personal style is, you or an experienced interior designer  can find matching themed items.


Animals are a central part of the Holiday season.  These handmade products can add a cutesy or native value to your decorations.  We are especially in love with the ornamental polar bears made of beads.  The dove and bison are great for adding “nativity” to your theme.  If you’re looking to throw in something bright and colorful, the snail ornament is just right without being tacky.  Let’s not talk about the elephant in the gallery.



Speaking of adding color, how about some rainbow decorations?  The wreath is one of the most symbolic parts of Christmas and these modern designs are meant to resemble that without showing any signs of being “traditional.”  If you want a more modern themed Holiday, edginess is the way to go to catch the eyes and jealousy of all your neighbors.

Getting a few of these wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  You can either mix and match a few colors or just choose one to go with your theme.  The painted dollar store nutcrackers are a great DIY project too and customizable to any color!


Another DIY project: how about this PVC Pipe wreath?  Click here to find out how to create this masterpiece.

A more playful, cutesy look is also a possibility.  If you have kids around, or just love how these things look (those little figures are adorable!!), these are great additions to your home’s decorations!  Hanging these over your tree will guarantee compliments and envy.



Let us know your favorite holiday decorations or websites in the comments!