Off to Florida

With a hectic schedule, it’s always great to visit a sunny spot to work in for a week.  This week, I’m visiting my house in Florida and seeing a bunch of sights while getting some (well deserved) rest.  First stop– my garden!


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Florida is the sunny weather.  The next thing is the crocodiles (or maybe alligators?)  But the third thing is the beautiful Florida produce.  I couldn’t help but snap some photos when I saw these in my garden!  I wish these could grow in Brooklyn, they would make a beautiful addition to my backyard garden.

Here’s a little preview of the garden I have waiting for me in Brooklyn.  I also have some small crops growing (except my peppers, which were huge).  I know nature is taking care of them while I’m gone.  And hopefully Basil is watching them too.

Or maybe he's just sleeping.....
Or maybe he’s just sleeping…..