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    Off to Florida

    With a hectic schedule, it’s always great to visit a sunny spot to work in for a week.  This week, I’m visiting my house in Florida and seeing a bunch...

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    Back from Vacation!

    For the last 10 days, I took a trip to my hometown in Germany.  I’m still jet lagged so I can’t say that I’m fully back yet (it’s a whole...

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    It’s Time for Halloween! (Or at least Autumn)

    The leaves are withering and turning colors, the dust is being blown off our favorite hoodies, pumpkins are starting to show up in our supermarkets, and nearly every channel on...

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    Summertime in the city

    Who does not look forward to summer and sunshine. But being an urban dweller sometimes it takes a little creativity to turn a drab outdoor area into a fun...

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    6/18/2016 – ONLY IN NYC ! Mermaid Parade 2016

    What an awesome day at Coney Island for the 34th annual mermaid Parade! An event full of color and creative homemade nautical costumes! Let’s take a look at the...

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