Affordable Furniture

Purchasing furniture for your home can get expensive– unless you know where to look.  Online shopping is the greatest tool for finding the elusive high-quality, low price items.  There are many stores which focus on being more affordable, while still retaining a good quality.  Let’s start with everyone’s favorite DIY company (citation needed): IKEA.

If you’ve never been to an IKEA somehow, do yourself a favor and get to one.  The stores are always a maze but don’t let that stop you,  From the moment you walk in, you’ll smell the food from the (surprisingly) wonderful food market, which includes vegetarian (and n0n-vegetarian, of course) Swedish meatballs.  I forgot to mention–Ikea is a Swedish company, as you’ll see through all the names of the furniture pieces.


IKEA has one main drawback–you need to build most of the items yourself.  All the parts are included in each purchase and the instructions are usually pretty clear.  Building the furniture can be an adventure in itself though!  Half of the fun of IKEA is knowing that you built all the items yourself.  It’s a win-win: you get new furniture and a sense of accomplishment.  You don’t even need any experience or real skills to build anything from here, aside from, basically, knowing how to use a screwdriver and a hammer.  If you really want to save costs, IKEA is a great spot.


Checking a marketplace next is always a good idea.  With all the competition on the web, marketplaces are forced to sell even high-quality goods at lower prices than normal.  When you think of marketplaces, it’s hard not to mention Amazon.

Some of the items on Amazon also require assembly but there’s almost always clear instructions still.  Assembly can also be done by the seller sometimes for a small fee.  Aside from the assembly required items, there are also items that are fully assembled for you.  Couches are probably the last thing you’d think you can order online, but Amazon has a huge selection of assembled couches which can be delivered right to your door.


Wayfair is another great marketplace to check.  Many businesses sell through Wayfair at a discounted price, and there are always steals in the on sale section.

All of these lovely pieces of furniture were found in the on sale section.  Finding a deal really isn’t so hard!



At HomeDesignRX, we specialize in lower-budget jobs.  A lower budget doesn’t mean lower quality though!  Do you have a favorite affordable furniture store?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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