6/22/2016 – MTI Bath Tubs | Trip to Atlanta

Today, Felicitas is traveling to Atlanta,GA with fellow NKBA Designers: Toni Sabatino, Dawn Deluca and Kent Brasloff to take a look at MTI Bath Tubs!

They visited both the acrylic and the solid engineered stone factory and saw first hand how tubs and sinks are produced.

Each tub is made to order in just about a week!
The company is employee owned and it shows in the pride the workers take in their products.
What an awesome day they had!.
If everyone ran their company this way we would not have to worry about Making America great again.  At MTI baths America is great already!



Kent Brasloff and Felicitas Oefelein at La Gaurdia airport


 Basil our office cat would have liked to come along as well but was not invited.
MTI built a Bed and Breakfast like guest house near their corporate facilities to host company guests.
The 6 bed rooms have amazing bath rooms featuring a variety of bath tubs, shower bases and even a foot spa and laundry sink.








































Tub Time!

IMG_9314IMG_9455 (1)IMG_9376


Factory tour…


IMG_9468 IMG_9340IMG_9503IMG_9389

Felicitas was incredibly impressed by this employee owned company. Each tub is built to order in around a week. Jets can be placed in tubs according to customers specifications.
The air bubble system is completely water tight which eliminates the need to purge water out of the drains after usage and prevents any mold or residue build up.
Not only did everyone learn a lot on this trip, the entire group was incredibly impressed by the company history and southern hospitality.
Cheers to MTI!